Saturday, November 30

Tuesday, July 23

Hiking and travel sketchbook sketches.  I have to many sketchbooks so they tend to be assigned to various tasks like "the tiny but sturdy hiking sketchbook" or the "big and easy to hold in one hand museum and life drawing sketchbook with the paper I really like" or "the nice one bound in leather that I'm terrified to draw in" one...  

These are reposts from tumblr - which I may keep doing, and then again I may stop posting rough sketch things here and start focusing it on more finished pieces.  Or maybe I'll use more words (but lets be honest, that's unlikely).

Tuesday, June 18

Friday, May 24

Look at that, posting actual sketches on a sketchblog.  
More robot posters inprogress.

Sunday, March 31

Dress my desperation to match the best yellow shoes in the world I may have to make my own fabric and sew my own dress.

Thursday, January 17

Gopher tortoise.