Monday, October 29

And two more from the 'Tea When You Need It" series.  Thanks for a lovely Seattle Steamcon!

Monday, October 22

Monsters drinking tea - coming to Seattle, Steamcon IV this weekend!  (I keep trying to think of something else clever to say, but I've got nothing.  Here...monsters...tea...I like trees....that's all I got.)

Tuesday, October 9

One more for Seattle.  Honestly this is just a preparatory layout sketch, but it went way way too far.  I was so sick of computers today I just ended up indulging in marker fun.

(10/15/12, 2:22 am) And now I'm adding the color thumbnail, and pretending it was always there....

Sunday, October 7

October is a busy busy month, working on illustrations for a steampunk-monster showin Seattle, and some semi-lifesize skeletons with a giant ocotpus lantern puppet for Tucson's All Souls Procession
So much to do, so little time...