Saturday, December 22

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 7

I may own to many orange things...

Thursday, December 6

More seasonally appropriate.

Tuesday, December 4

Wishful thinking about summer and the beach.  Already...
Inspired by Vera B :)

Thursday, November 22

Quick colors on a sketchbook sketch.  Happy Thanksgiving! 

Monday, October 29

And two more from the 'Tea When You Need It" series.  Thanks for a lovely Seattle Steamcon!

Monday, October 22

Monsters drinking tea - coming to Seattle, Steamcon IV this weekend!  (I keep trying to think of something else clever to say, but I've got nothing.  Here...monsters...tea...I like trees....that's all I got.)

Tuesday, October 9

One more for Seattle.  Honestly this is just a preparatory layout sketch, but it went way way too far.  I was so sick of computers today I just ended up indulging in marker fun.

(10/15/12, 2:22 am) And now I'm adding the color thumbnail, and pretending it was always there....

Sunday, October 7

October is a busy busy month, working on illustrations for a steampunk-monster showin Seattle, and some semi-lifesize skeletons with a giant ocotpus lantern puppet for Tucson's All Souls Procession
So much to do, so little time...

Friday, August 10

Snuck up the coast for a few days on mini-vacation.  And did landscape paintings - which is kind of what I do on vacation.  Well that and sleep on the beach...

Monday, July 30

Quick painting of the view from Inspiration Point in Tilden Park.  Love the golden California hills - do not love how quickly watercolors dry out in the wind, sun, and 75 degree afternoon.

Sunday, July 15

Digital painting meant to be roughly in the style of Eugene Delocroix for a sort of side project that seems to be the only thing getting anywhere the last while.  Probably because its mostly a writing project.

Monday, May 14

Some friends down in Memphis have one wild italian-cookin'-team, and now they have a t-shirt. If only they could mail me pasta...

Saturday, April 28

Sketching at a cafe across from Pier 38.

And 5 minute color - the blog was looking to drab.

Saturday, March 24

Oh blog, has it been so long?  I suppose it has.  And there isn't much to show for it I'm afraid.  Just some pen doodles from Laguna beach done while I escaped for a little vacation.  Just filling my time with work, work, work and waiting for the warm weather and some free time to work on my own pieces again.

Saturday, February 18

Aquarium sketch day.  

Thursday, February 16

Some silly character sketches for a game - the ones that didn't make the cut.  I still really like them, they'll probably show up again somewhere someday. I don't really know where this affection for dumb looking chickens came from...

Tuesday, February 14

Actually an older piece, from last summer, but it seemed like a good Happy Valentines post.