Sunday, October 23

Another sunday evening at the Berkeley Botanical Garden.  Manzanita has the best bark ever.

Monday, October 17

Tiny 5 minute warm up for the day.

Monday, October 10

Sneak preview of some of the new art for the Steamcon Seattle show this weekend.  I'm pretty pleased with it so far.  Steamcon will be at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue this coming weekend, if you're in Seattle and like Jules Verne you should stop by!

Tuesday, October 4

Thumbnails for some posters for Steamcon (in two weeks, so much do!)  I've slowly gotten to the point where the color thumbnails are my favorite part of the whole process.  I could just sit and do these for days.  I used to be so in love with line work, but I've drifted off in the opposite direction lately.

Monday, October 3

Little sketchbook pages done at APE this weekend.  I brought my super limited 4 grey tone set of copic markers.  And there was a handy white prismacolor pencil lurking at the bottom of the pencil box.