Thursday, September 29

Some sketches for the new piece I'm trying my darnest to finish for APE this weekend.  You've seen the long ago and far away color thumbnails for this particular piece way back in THIS POST from 2009.  Some ideas get better with age ;-)

Sunday, September 25

Linoleum cut tiny cards.  With shiny new packaging (I'm easily amused by these things).  Gonna try and do/post more traditional work from now on.  The more I work at the computer the more I want to just go back to making things by hand no matter how clean and easy the computer makes it.

Wednesday, September 21

Busy busy.  Not much besides things for work and things for shows, so here's something I did a bit ago that I have permission to show now!  T-shirt design for - it should be available in stores near you soon! (as long as they have good taste ;-)

Sunday, September 11

Another warm up sketch, this time a 1930's style swim suit pin up.

Wednesday, September 7

Revisiting the Wolf and the Woodsman characters as a warm up today.