Friday, July 22

And now, something totally different. Just a quick painting from a photo for the sake of practice. I was feeling like I needed to take a bit to really focus on the face and the relationship between all the forms. You can probably find this photo on the internet if you want to see how you think I managed ;-)

Thursday, July 21

More 'secret' project stuff...with some lady over there on the right who is totally unrelated.

Saturday, July 16

Sketch for a 'secret' project (so secret that I post the very first sketches on the internet), and some design work for a 3 color linoleum print that will be a follow up to this. Because for some reason, doing something easy that I've done before doesn't appeal as much as doing something I know will be really hard and frustrating...
Remember folks, don't bring a cupcake to a swordfight.

Wednesday, July 13