Wednesday, June 29

A few of the little 5X7 paintings I did for the gallery show hanging right now at Blow Salon in Berkeley. These happen to be my favorites, maybe sometime later I'll post the other 4.

Wednesday, June 22

Designs for some paintings that were going to be in the gallery show that opens this weekend, then ended up not being. They sort of expanded into maybe something else. We'll see.

Monday, June 20

Self explanatory.

Sunday, June 12

More chickens. And a cowboy.

Saturday, June 11

I'll be honest, I've been kind of wanting to draw chickens since I passed a couple on the street on the way to the farmers market this week (no lie, nice big lovely looking chickens bustling down the sidewalk in Berkeley). So many other things I should be working on, and I'm sitting drawing chickens.