Tuesday, May 31

After a memorial day spend cleaning and rearranging my desk and installing drivers and updates and more updates and wondering why the new scanner/printer machine refused to initialize....I have a working scanner again! Flowers from the Berkeley Botanical garden at Tilden Park.

Thursday, May 19

Random assortment of sketches for various projects. My scanner has decided its no longer on speaking terms with my computer so while that works out, its all digital all the time.

Sunday, May 8

Happy Mothers' Day

A picture of a memory, for my mom. When I was a kid I used to beg her to draw me. I was completely fascinated by the whole process, and by the final, and by the magical-fantastic-ness of it. I would (or did, in this instance at least) add props to make what I considered an interesting set up for my mom to look at, so I put a stuffed bunny in my lap and posed and wanted my portrait drawn. In a teal nightgown, in the dining room.
Happy Mothers' Day!

Sunday, May 1

More nice weather, more time in the park, more quick house painting. I couldn't get over the little awnings.