Saturday, April 30

Afternoon in the park, across from a teal house with lavender trim. Actually I think my teal paint doesn't quite do it justice - it was a pretty vivid house. I was meant to be working on something else, but this happened instead.

Tuesday, April 26

Just coloring a sketch from last week, really quickly. It hardly deserves its own post bit I'm giving it one anyway. Same girl, same dress, new hat.

Wednesday, April 13

Not happy with it, finished it anyway. Kind of artist-block-ish these past few days. To many big ideas not enough brain power to work out the details.

Monday, April 11

Just another little page of sketches. Mostly for the joy of sketching anything at all that isn't for work. Yay small burst of free time!

Wednesday, April 6

In case you wondered how they came out. Saving the auto-repair idea for another day, and a more rural robot set (you know, after the city bots you have the country bots).