Thursday, February 24

You'll probably see this again after the blocks arrive and its printed and I feel all accomplished. In the mean time, I need to figure out why I can only seem to do decent inking in the middle of the night. I'm getting to old to stay up all night playing with pens.

Wednesday, February 16

Preview of some designs for a letterpress 'secret project'. Yes I know if I put it here its not secret but honestly its the only personal work I've got going on this week, and I'm to pleased with it not to put it up somewhere.

Monday, February 7

Back to only having time for quick sketches and messing around with color in photoshop.

Wednesday, February 2

Working on the layout for a painting for a friend, illustrating a short story she wrote. I finished this shetch and was struck with a sudden conviction that I had accidentally copied the cover of Craig Thompson's 'Blankets'. I had to go check to make sure. Apparently I'm not actually subconsciously duplicating the cover illustration, phew.