Wednesday, November 24

Topless girl says Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your pie!

Monday, November 22

SteamCon art show revealed. Sometimes I think I might someday stop being ludicrously amused by drawing robots, but so far no end is in site. I will never stop being amused by drawing cowboys. And just this moment I had an interesting (in hind site obvious) realization about why the bottom two shown here are better then the top two, and how I dropped the ball by focusing too much on mirroring a genre cliche. But, live and learn.

Monday, November 15

Sneak preview of the centerpiece of my bit of the Steamcon II art exhibition. I may not get any sleep between now and then, but I really like the way this poster came out so at least I'll have something to show for it. Its off being printed REALLY BIG. Numbered edition 11X17 prints will be available, but only 10, and only leftovers will make it to Etsy so your only chance might be at the con!

Sunday, November 7

Late on the uptake, since these were sold last night. Purcasso is a yearly art auction held to benefit the East Bay SPCA - which suffered a devastating fire this past summer and need the funds more then ever this year. Mostly, this post is so my mum can see them, since they are my cats, doing silly things.