Tuesday, September 28

For a while now when I sketch landscapes or stuff in museums, I've been trying to use a brush pen. Mike D once told me that he thought sketching in pen forced you to make more informed decisions about where you were putting your lines. I think he's totally right - it makes me really look at the size and space relations of something first, rather then just searching for them with lots of sketchy lines. When I have pencil (or an undo command) I have a tendency to just flail around with lines until they become what I want - putting a line where I want it the first time is much harder.

Sunday, September 19

Linoleum block print cards done (mostly very late at night/early in the morning) for a street fair that happened today. The first is a single block, the second is two blocks printed separately. With no overlapping pieces to line up, the 2 colors went pretty quickly compared to last Decembers 3 color madness.

Saturday, September 11

I took a bit of time late last night to try to get a handle on the new Photoshop CS5 paintbrushes. I got CS5 last week, by necessity rather then choice, as my version stopped working with my new laptops OS. On the bright side, I'm getting pretty fond of the new paint brushes, they felt a lot more like I was doing this in Painter, then PS ever has before.