Saturday, January 30

I know I know, its just a sketch and worse its a sketch I've posted in earlier stages ALREADY.

But there's a lot to work on these days, and I don't know when I'll finish this last of the Robot Propaganda posters. And they've been getting a lot of love lately, so I thought I'd prove that there IS a third in the works.

Saturday, January 16

Pirates, Arrrr!

Work stuff so very rarely sneaks onto this blog, but these were fun. These are my favorites from a bunch of characters I did for a Facebook Game - Pirates Revenge. They're all parodies of pirate stereotypes and names. Lots of fun!

Tuesday, January 12

Happy 2010

Happy New year! Not much sketching what with work and the holidays, and still busy busy. But I like this one.
I found a new favorite PS brush for sketching. Makes me feel like I'm using a nice fat marker.