Monday, December 27

Christmas present for some dear people, printed on cotton-linen fabric and made into tea towels. The color is digital but I was having the worst time trying to draw on my laptop, with my little travel tablet, and I ended up just drawing and inking them all on paper and borrowing a scanner.

Sunday, December 5

Happy Holidays!

This years holiday card - lino cut two color blocks. Printed this time with a itty bitty press. Not a spoon. Sorry spoon.

Wednesday, November 24

Topless girl says Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your pie!

Monday, November 22

SteamCon art show revealed. Sometimes I think I might someday stop being ludicrously amused by drawing robots, but so far no end is in site. I will never stop being amused by drawing cowboys. And just this moment I had an interesting (in hind site obvious) realization about why the bottom two shown here are better then the top two, and how I dropped the ball by focusing too much on mirroring a genre cliche. But, live and learn.

Monday, November 15

Sneak preview of the centerpiece of my bit of the Steamcon II art exhibition. I may not get any sleep between now and then, but I really like the way this poster came out so at least I'll have something to show for it. Its off being printed REALLY BIG. Numbered edition 11X17 prints will be available, but only 10, and only leftovers will make it to Etsy so your only chance might be at the con!

Sunday, November 7

Late on the uptake, since these were sold last night. Purcasso is a yearly art auction held to benefit the East Bay SPCA - which suffered a devastating fire this past summer and need the funds more then ever this year. Mostly, this post is so my mum can see them, since they are my cats, doing silly things.

Saturday, October 30

Tried to post this last week from an airport and the airport free wifi wouldn't let me upload images. Darn Denver airport. At least the wifi was free - Chicago-Midway wanted me to pay for it. This one has been a long time in the works, posted a sketch for it back in January.

Tuesday, September 28

For a while now when I sketch landscapes or stuff in museums, I've been trying to use a brush pen. Mike D once told me that he thought sketching in pen forced you to make more informed decisions about where you were putting your lines. I think he's totally right - it makes me really look at the size and space relations of something first, rather then just searching for them with lots of sketchy lines. When I have pencil (or an undo command) I have a tendency to just flail around with lines until they become what I want - putting a line where I want it the first time is much harder.

Sunday, September 19

Linoleum block print cards done (mostly very late at night/early in the morning) for a street fair that happened today. The first is a single block, the second is two blocks printed separately. With no overlapping pieces to line up, the 2 colors went pretty quickly compared to last Decembers 3 color madness.

Saturday, September 11

I took a bit of time late last night to try to get a handle on the new Photoshop CS5 paintbrushes. I got CS5 last week, by necessity rather then choice, as my version stopped working with my new laptops OS. On the bright side, I'm getting pretty fond of the new paint brushes, they felt a lot more like I was doing this in Painter, then PS ever has before.

Wednesday, June 23

Sketches for a personal project that, thankfully, doesn't need finishing until November. There are a bunch of other layout sketches, but so far this one is winning the good design award.

Tuesday, May 25

More sketches, to prove my existence. Some rejected ideas for clients, and some things drawn in the margins of other more paid for things. Can you guess which is which?

Tuesday, May 4

A page of sketches just to prove I still exist. Been busy, and stressed, and busy. Now I have my life back sort of a little, and ideally I'll finish some more personal work soon. I hope to have at least one new print for Maker Faire this year.

In the mean time, here's a marketing image for a project I worked on over the holidays. Its a cute iphone app for building stories and photo albums and sharing them. I even designed that darned font from scratch! We were featured recently on the itunes app store's front page, which is pretty awesome.

Sunday, March 28

Part of a trade with a fiber artist for some hand spun yarn, yay! I actually like the idea enough that I might use it as a basis for a new series of robot prints - letterpress or lino-block. (I admit the thought of carving all those tiny details out of linoleum makes me a little more likely to want to do letterpress!)

Saturday, January 30

I know I know, its just a sketch and worse its a sketch I've posted in earlier stages ALREADY.

But there's a lot to work on these days, and I don't know when I'll finish this last of the Robot Propaganda posters. And they've been getting a lot of love lately, so I thought I'd prove that there IS a third in the works.

Saturday, January 16

Pirates, Arrrr!

Work stuff so very rarely sneaks onto this blog, but these were fun. These are my favorites from a bunch of characters I did for a Facebook Game - Pirates Revenge. They're all parodies of pirate stereotypes and names. Lots of fun!

Tuesday, January 12

Happy 2010

Happy New year! Not much sketching what with work and the holidays, and still busy busy. But I like this one.
I found a new favorite PS brush for sketching. Makes me feel like I'm using a nice fat marker.