Sunday, August 30

I'm not incredibly happy with either sketch, but the point was more to make myself do something with markers that was more then just a doodle of a persons head. I never used to sketch with markers - I blame Mike D who is the sharpie-Master. He's right I think, its a good exercise for making you consider and plan your lines.

Monday, August 17

Weekly Robot #10 - cheating

Its a counts! Still learning to paint with Photoshop, even included a little row of 'progress' images to give myself an idea of how to work on my process. This was a short painting for a little 'flash collaboration' experiment, in which I did an image, and a writer did a vignette about it all in one weekend. It and other related things are up at the LJ community 2xCreative.

Friday, August 14

My mom was sad that I hadn't updated my blog recently. Here you go mom! Its...that guy...from a few posts back - in a different style.