Friday, July 31

Seems like I've become occupied with lots of larger scale projects in my spare time lately, less sketching and personal illustration. So I imagine the long spaces of silence may continue.

Thursday, July 9

To cheer up a friend who was down today.
Some people have expressed their disappointment that the page in my second book that has Him and Her is not followed by the inevitable next step...well here you go!

Tuesday, July 7

Self portrait for photoshop practice and sort of 'art detox' heh.

Sunday, July 5

The Not-so-Weekly Robot #11

Background fail. And also, its been what, 2 months? Apparently its no longer even kind of weekly. And now that I think about it, #11 is really just #9 in color...

So here's a bonus set of color thumbnails for red coat girl stuff. Mostly because I like them, even if they are just little thumbnails.