Monday, June 29

A bunch of sketches done on the same page of yellowy-brown color in Painter. It was just, the last canvas color I used apparently. Started just trying to remind myself of more realistic facial structure - I am still really bad at eyes.

And a thumbnail that was original for a Red Coat girl picture for a theme 'hidden garden'. But its clearly gone somewhere else instead.
Then I just went and fooled around with clear simple shapes of flat color, which is something I've always been not that good at. I rely very heavily on outlines most of the time, so you know, practice.

The robots will be back next time. And someday maybe I'll finish something beyond the level of 'sketch'...someday...


Artsnark said...

like the top pic - great smirk

Anonymous said...

I love the "Carmen Sandeigo" feel of that last red coat chick piece.