Friday, April 17

Robot redux

Updated - I don't think I made it better, just...more rendered. But I think it might be time to let it go...


I was trying to approach color from some other more interesting direction...but I just made mess. I'll fix it at some point. Suggestions are welcome. The point was to try and generate a more complete color palette. I tend to approach things from a "this will be green and this will be red and this will be..." stand point, and I tend to use simple palettes and flat shading - probably animation being so firmly entrenched in my brain. Anyway, its all mud now. Oops. At least its a robot in color.

Monday, April 13

Weekly Robot #9

Gardening spider-robots. What ever happened to nice color pictures of robots, you want to know? They'll be back, as usualy I got distracted by a few million other projects. Apparently I am only capable of weekly consistency for about a month and a half.