Sunday, February 22

Weekly Robot #6

A robot that catches octopi. I couldn't quite decide how it should work, so I did two possibilities then copped out and colored something simple.

Saturday, February 14

Weekly Robot #5

Happy Valentines day (unrelated to robot). So...I set out to try and figure out photoshop painting. Now its more like painting with a smallish stick with a chewed up end...or something. Spent far far to long messing about with this.

And just for fun (and for my sister) here is Robot #3 in color.

Saturday, February 7

Weekly Robot #4

Trying something different. I still think painting in Photoshop is like trying to sculpt from really far away with a stick.

Wednesday, February 4

Back of the cardboard cup holder on my tea. Sad part is, I had my sketchbook was right there - drawing on the cup holder seemed more exciting.

Monday, February 2

I too a nice relaxing trip down to Los Angeles this weekend to chill with friends, so last weeks robot was unscanable until now. Here he is, with his little doodle planning sketches (as if the red one is more finished somehow? Just pretend with me).

And while we're on the topic of my weekend, here's something so far removed from the robots I almost made two separate posts just to keep them divided. Then I realized it was more work then it was worth, and a bit silly - so here's a little watercolor sketch from the Huntington Library Gardens (a place I love).