Thursday, January 22

Weekly Robot #2

Crochet-bot, this weeks robot. Its sort of what I've wished I had time to do all this week and haven't had time for.
I've discovered I'm really awfully bad at designing robots. But that's fine I suppose, there's not point in making easily attainable goals for yourself anyway. Some 30 robots from now and I should be pretty decent at it, right?


Anonymous said...

Hi, new person on the blog! The crochet bot is adorable...

I'm also wondering if you're the Sarah Dungan I think you might be. You might be if the character name "Kala Darkflame" rings any bells.

Sarah Dungan said...

AH HAHAHAHAHA oh lord. My nerd youth.
Which means I Know Who You Are. Email me :-) fearmypencil at gmail