Monday, January 12

Five of the Red Coat illustrations are up in a little group gallery show at...well the salon where I get my hair done. They're hanging in a cheerful little group with some of Steph Laberis' fabulous pieces. I'm really very pleased with how they look at the 13"X17" size all framed and hung.

And yes, that is my name, misspelled. Its an exciting new misspelling - I'm sort of fond of it actually. It feels significantly more medieval and important - like a place one goes to market. Dunghan.

The opening will be Saturday Jan. 17th, at 7pm - although I'm afraid I won't be there, in favor of going to see Jonathan Coulton in concert that same day and time. You might go anyway though, there will be, among other things, free food and beverages!

If you're around the SF East Bay and looking to do something, say before lunch in the Gourmet Ghetto, stop by Blow Salon on Berkeley Way just off Shattuck and check it out. The show will be up until the end of March.


Sarah Dicken said...

oh, i didn't realize the concert was at the same time as a gallery opening of yours, doh!!! How many pieces to you have up there?

Sarah Dungan said...

Just 5, its a 6 person show in a small space.
(I'd rather be at the Jonathan Coulton concert hehe)
Also, it was sort of a last minute gallery show, I did all the framing,printing,buying paper and frames on Saturday the 10th!