Saturday, December 13


Friday, December 5

Colored doodle...inspired by Brittney Lee's mermaids.

Thursday, December 4

All done (well its been done, but its a pain to scan an 11X14 image on a small scanner then piece it back together). You can check it out in person, along with lots of other great piraty art, at the Peglegs & Pistols gallery show at the Phantom Gallery in Orange, CA, opening on Saturday Dec 6th.

Tuesday, December 2

To make up for not posting at all in November, here's another sketch. This is a piece for a gallery show that needs to be done...yesterday heh. I like the sketch, which means inking it will be stressful - I always get frustrated trying to ink a sketch I like as a sketch.

Monday, December 1

Went zoo sketching at the San Francisco zoo this weekend. I'm trying to make myself sketch with pen more, to improve at it and to learn better economy of line in my drawing in general. Where are all the posts? I've been soooo busy with work, I don't bother to scan sketchbook pages much lately. Alas.