Monday, July 21

Oh my Stars and Garters, Volume 2 has arrived! (well it arrived a bit ago, and I just didn't say anything.) It'll be with me at Comic-con.

This year - more adventure, more cowboys and, somehow, less naked.


Scott Wright said...

Thanks for my copy...look'n good!

Unknown said...


I'm really proud to have a copy of your new book. Thanks so much for trading with me and Bob.

Your cute little characters in the center of the book are perfectly designed for storybooks. Your western theme is also very appealing! Some nice diversity throughout.

I really hope you had a great time at the Con and I hope we will meet again next year. Keep in touch!


boob said...

Yes, it great to meet ya at the con! A great addition this new book will make to my collection. Thanks for the trade.

The spiral staircase library was one of my favorite images and it was great to see some behind the scenes pics on your blog about it. I thought the same thing looking at the finished piece - walls of books and a perspective spiral? - you'd hafta be crazy! The work paid off though - on the whole book as well. Cowboys will always be cool.



Matt Spangler said...

Thanks for the trade! It was great to meet you at comic con. Nice book, the feel and quality of images is great.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Love this painting. Its beautiful.