Monday, July 21

Oh my Stars and Garters, Volume 2 has arrived! (well it arrived a bit ago, and I just didn't say anything.) It'll be with me at Comic-con.

This year - more adventure, more cowboys and, somehow, less naked.

Sunday, July 13

Day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium yesterday with a bunch of friends. It was a really lovely day, and I filled lots of pages with fish sketches but here's a watercolor of the kelp tank because I haven't done watercolor in awhile. Mmmm real paint.

Friday, July 4

Still messing with these a bit, they go-sort of with the cover of my book. Can't have a con-book without cowboys.
Looking at them now that they're posted I see all the mad crazy problems with them I didn't notice last night. Ugh. I'll re-ink them later.