Sunday, June 29

Library, added to the list of things that sound like a good idea until you realize they're full of books, that you have to draw, one at a time...

Thursday, June 26

Not sure if I like the texture or not, maybe I'll just remove it later. Another red coat girl picture. Back with dirigible boy, I think they're sweet on each other.

Sunday, June 22

Final later, inking this broke my tiny brain. I think Sarah F is right, animators are obsessive - I've been drawing books for hours and hours.

Saturday, June 14

This is really not a sketch, and kind of silly, but I'm proud of myself damn it. Because I decided I would draw a library, a really high ceiling library with spiral staircases. Then I decided you'd be looking way up at the roof of the library. Then, perspective on spiral staircases blew my mind.
No problem, I thought, I'll look pictures up on google. NOPE, there are lots of spiral staircases but you only get two views - dead on and straight up or down them.
So as I doodled and tried to picture it in my head I came to the conclusion there was only on solution, build a model.
And thus with printer paper and tape, did I construct a model staircase just so I could take a picture at the angle I needed. And it was SO USEFUL, I mean it totally explained how the whole thing works! And now I have a paper spiral staircase.

Friday, June 13

I used to do so many ink/wash drawings, I missed it! Yay ink. The fact that from about 4-6 the sun shines right in the window by my computer has been encouraging the instituting of a 'traditional media' break mid afternoon.

Thursday, June 12

Still no done with that girl in the red coat yet. She just keeps coming up.

And a detail just cause I like tiny houses apparently: