Tuesday, May 27

I like hedgehogs. Seriously, check out his tiny pink tongue. Alternate image title: "The desaturation girls do not approve"


Sarah Dicken said...

omg I love hedgies too! They are the cutest ever. Someday I will have a hedge of my own! XD

Very cool drawing! I see you are tackling your perspective phobia again, quite successfully! :D

The red girl is much cooler than the desaturation girls. I bet the desaturation girls wouldn't even sit on the ground willingly because it might muss up their dresses!

Anonymous said...

I love this piece: the earth tones, the cute little girl in red, the indignant looks on the desaturation girls, and the little pink-tongued hedgehog. My nephew wanted one so badly, but got a chihuahua instead.

Sarah Dungan said...

Hey Christina! :-) Poor nephew, hedgehogs are nothing like chihuahuas, hehe.

(the desaturation girls always follow the rules)