Saturday, May 31

The cartoons will return after a short break ;-) In the mean time here's some victorian gentleman and a tiny robot.

Tuesday, May 27

I like hedgehogs. Seriously, check out his tiny pink tongue. Alternate image title: "The desaturation girls do not approve"

Tuesday, May 20

I think its done. I don't even know. Its been driving me crazy and I'm not sure I like how I colored it. Oh well, I'll probably know better tomorrow if I like it. After not looking at it for awhile.

Monday, May 5

Still working on finishing this. I have this phobia of perspective. And a phobia of finishing sketches I really like. Silly really, but I'm putting up the sketch first anyway because I can.

Saturday, May 3

Just compiling sketches and things from the last little while. Got a new brush pen this week, hence all the silly ink drawings. Still fooling around with different noses and face shapes and stuff like that.