Saturday, December 13


Friday, December 5

Colored doodle...inspired by Brittney Lee's mermaids.

Thursday, December 4

All done (well its been done, but its a pain to scan an 11X14 image on a small scanner then piece it back together). You can check it out in person, along with lots of other great piraty art, at the Peglegs & Pistols gallery show at the Phantom Gallery in Orange, CA, opening on Saturday Dec 6th.

Tuesday, December 2

To make up for not posting at all in November, here's another sketch. This is a piece for a gallery show that needs to be done...yesterday heh. I like the sketch, which means inking it will be stressful - I always get frustrated trying to ink a sketch I like as a sketch.

Monday, December 1

Went zoo sketching at the San Francisco zoo this weekend. I'm trying to make myself sketch with pen more, to improve at it and to learn better economy of line in my drawing in general. Where are all the posts? I've been soooo busy with work, I don't bother to scan sketchbook pages much lately. Alas.

Wednesday, October 15

Oh dear, blog fail for September. I've been busy busy with work, but I wedge these sketches for a new little personal series in there late at night. The Robot Revolution - power to the workers! hehehe.

Wednesday, September 10

Quick little piece for a commission from a charity auction.

Wednesday, August 13

Trade-gift for the sculptor who, in fact, made those goggles. Its in the mail, I hope I'm not spoiling the surprise. ;-)
I can hear my old watercolor teacher chiding me about to little variation in value. But still, yay ink and watercolor.

Friday, August 8

Just wanted to chill and mess with Painter really
EDIT: they looked lonely, now they have 3 friends.

Monday, July 21

Oh my Stars and Garters, Volume 2 has arrived! (well it arrived a bit ago, and I just didn't say anything.) It'll be with me at Comic-con.

This year - more adventure, more cowboys and, somehow, less naked.

Sunday, July 13

Day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium yesterday with a bunch of friends. It was a really lovely day, and I filled lots of pages with fish sketches but here's a watercolor of the kelp tank because I haven't done watercolor in awhile. Mmmm real paint.

Friday, July 4

Still messing with these a bit, they go-sort of with the cover of my book. Can't have a con-book without cowboys.
Looking at them now that they're posted I see all the mad crazy problems with them I didn't notice last night. Ugh. I'll re-ink them later.

Sunday, June 29

Library, added to the list of things that sound like a good idea until you realize they're full of books, that you have to draw, one at a time...

Thursday, June 26

Not sure if I like the texture or not, maybe I'll just remove it later. Another red coat girl picture. Back with dirigible boy, I think they're sweet on each other.

Sunday, June 22

Final later, inking this broke my tiny brain. I think Sarah F is right, animators are obsessive - I've been drawing books for hours and hours.

Saturday, June 14

This is really not a sketch, and kind of silly, but I'm proud of myself damn it. Because I decided I would draw a library, a really high ceiling library with spiral staircases. Then I decided you'd be looking way up at the roof of the library. Then, perspective on spiral staircases blew my mind.
No problem, I thought, I'll look pictures up on google. NOPE, there are lots of spiral staircases but you only get two views - dead on and straight up or down them.
So as I doodled and tried to picture it in my head I came to the conclusion there was only on solution, build a model.
And thus with printer paper and tape, did I construct a model staircase just so I could take a picture at the angle I needed. And it was SO USEFUL, I mean it totally explained how the whole thing works! And now I have a paper spiral staircase.

Friday, June 13

I used to do so many ink/wash drawings, I missed it! Yay ink. The fact that from about 4-6 the sun shines right in the window by my computer has been encouraging the instituting of a 'traditional media' break mid afternoon.

Thursday, June 12

Still no done with that girl in the red coat yet. She just keeps coming up.

And a detail just cause I like tiny houses apparently:

Saturday, May 31

The cartoons will return after a short break ;-) In the mean time here's some victorian gentleman and a tiny robot.

Tuesday, May 27

I like hedgehogs. Seriously, check out his tiny pink tongue. Alternate image title: "The desaturation girls do not approve"

Tuesday, May 20

I think its done. I don't even know. Its been driving me crazy and I'm not sure I like how I colored it. Oh well, I'll probably know better tomorrow if I like it. After not looking at it for awhile.

Monday, May 5

Still working on finishing this. I have this phobia of perspective. And a phobia of finishing sketches I really like. Silly really, but I'm putting up the sketch first anyway because I can.

Saturday, May 3

Just compiling sketches and things from the last little while. Got a new brush pen this week, hence all the silly ink drawings. Still fooling around with different noses and face shapes and stuff like that.

Thursday, April 17

This guy makes me happy, just cause he's smiling. Turns out magic is hard to sketch and make glowy...

Saturday, April 12

Retro underwear add reprise. Pathetically out of practice drawing the male figure. Pretend the paisley pattern I did makes up for it.

Wednesday, April 9

Restarting a Monday night cafe sketch tradition. Swore I would draw people, but ended up sitting in a crowded coffee shop facing out a window. So I drew the street corner, and then it got dark.

Sunday, April 6

Birthday present for a friend, one huge nerd to another. Oh yes, those are star trek uniforms. And that's a giant squid. Mmhmm.

Sunday, March 30

First of all, you knew it was just a matter of time before I got back to girls in their underwear. This was meant to be something else, less....1970. But I've been watching Life on Mars, which has me thinking in retro colors. And I felt like designing a new patter, so this is...what came out of that at 1am. Very....orangish.

Wednesday, March 26

Page in my itty-bitty fits in my pocket moleskin. I want to say I've been busy and creative lately, but today I made spread sheets and orangized tax forms...

Monday, February 18

Mostly working not alot of sketching last night, but here's a tree.

Friday, February 15

A brush pen sketch inside a birthday card for a very special person.

Monday, February 11

Busy busy busy, back to the old standby of sketching nekkid girls in the corners of things.

Tuesday, January 22

Been way to long between posts. Sorry about that. All work and no play..or...something. I spend awhile with notecards and brush pens this weekend, just having fun. Next time maybe I'll watercolor over the drawings and see what happens.