Monday, December 24

Happy Holidays

I went a little overboard with small things. And I'm not sure about the texture. But drawing it made me happy! Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday.

Tuesday, December 4

Busy busy. Using a Cintiq at work right now, and spent some free time messing around with it and Alias Sketchbook which I also hadn't really used before. Just a sketch page more or less. Working out poses and sketches for bigger things mostly.

Sunday, November 11

Just fooling around with expressions for a line of dialog. For the sake of practice. Don't trust this dude, clearly his idea is questionable!

Sunday, November 4

Pier 39

Sketch crawl today, walked from the Ferry building down to the sea lions at Pier 39. Lots of sketching, I just happen to like this one particularly.

Tuesday, October 23

I keep telling myself to do more daily sketches, but I end up just working or arranging stickie notes with scenes for my personal film on them on the wall behind my desk. (one of them falls whenever the heat comes on). But yesterday I took the time to have a nice lunch in the north beach since I had to be downtown for a meeting, and did some little character sketches so here we go a post!

Tuesday, October 2

I gotta get on it and post more often. Its been a little hectic lately. Just a few sketches to keep the place looking exciting.

Monday, August 27

I just wanted to draw a horse, and you know, the naked girl just followed randomly. I'll do something different soon I swear.

Sunday, August 12

Been doing black and white tone thumbnails lately. Just fast little things - playing with light and PS brush settings.

Wednesday, August 1

Comic-con was a blast, even if it gave me some kind of evil-viral-infectious-plague thing. Feels like my sinuses are trying to expand and crush my brain. I've still got some books hanging about that need homes, email me if you want one! I'll put up suspiciously advertisement like pictures soon.

Entirely unrelated, sketch for today, silly little character thing. Trying to figure out just how people make such nice painted things in Photoshop (and still not getting it, clearly).

Sunday, July 15

Comic-con booklet

I'm still just excited that I have a cover made. Here's a little preview.

Friday, July 13

Figure Drawing

Figure drawing every other Wed. at lunch. This week a coworker posed in costume for us, one very awesome costume.

Monday, July 9

Back from Vacation

I feel like I need more then today to recover from massive time change. Been in Europe, here are a few little fast watercolor sketches. From Munich, Prague and Bratislava.

Sunday, June 24

If I were a cartoon villain

A friend called me the evil tea lady the other day. I drew this. Mostly because I was proud of my new PS brush. I was going for soft prismacolor pencil.

Sunday, June 17

Been doing expressions sets as warm ups lately. Flash has spoiled me with its symbols and digital foolishness and I seem to have gotten a lot worse at consistency. Trying to get better about keeping facial features 'on model'.

Saturday, May 26

Cafe Sketches

Sketches in Meetings

Some sketches from meetings at work. Usually I carry around a sharpie marker, although now and again, I have a mechanical pencil for some reason (probably because I picked it up instead of the sharpie by accident).

Friday, April 13

Gift for Pascal

For Pascal for a little book we made him at Leapfrog as a goodbye present. They're meant to be on seperate pages, but I dunno, they work okay like this. Pascal is awesome, and you should go to the links list and check out his blog.

Wednesday, March 14

New Pens = Joy

New brush pens, a sharpie from the storeroom at work, and a new set of grey Copic markers. And I finally cleaned off my desk and scanned a few things.

Thursday, March 8

Some more older sketches. Trying to let them see the light of day before disappearing into my computer forever

Thursday, February 22

Still working up to the present. A few more sketches from a bit ago.

Tuesday, February 20

Yo ho ho

I'll be playing catch up for a bit, putting sketches up that predate this blog. 2 hour digital painting, pirate inspired ocean going vessel.

Wednesday, February 14

This blog is dedicated to Casey Leonard. He made me do it. I still owe him five dollars.
Happy Valentines Day.